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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bitkingdom Provide Help (PH)


After your account has verified, now you can get PROVIDE HELP (PH) in Bitkingdom, for that, follow this instruction
First things you must have BITCOINS first, if you don’t have, you can buy BITCOIN here.
If you already have a BITCOINS, you must transfer your Bitcoins to your account for deposit on your account. Open the WALLET tab in you Bitkingdom account, this is a wallet address and Qr Code, it’s a your Wallet address in Bitkingdom system (BK Wallet).

Transfer your Bitcoins from your wallet to your BK Wallet Address, transfer what you need for Provide Help (PH), minimum 0.5 bitcoin and maximum 20 Bitcoins, transfer bitcoin to your BK Wallet can take about 1-3 hour work, so be patient (sample I’m use my Blockchain wallet for Transfer to Bitkingdom wallet)
Login to your Bitcoin wallet, then go to Send menu

Fill The Bitcoin amount you will Transfer to Bitkingdom Wallet (depends on you, image is sample)

Double check your Transaction, if everything is OK you can send your Bitcoin, you can see in the Blockchain Dashboard for your Transaction, wait patience for 1-3 hour, your Bitcoin automated transferred to your Bitkingdom Wallet.

You can check transaction your BK Wallet, click the wallet address and you will directed to Blockchain, you can check your transaction there. If a complete confirmation, your Bitcoin has success add to your Bitkingdom Wallet.

After your Bitcoin has sent to your BK wallet, you will see the amount your bitcoin in Green square, if Bitcoin no show you must click the wallet addres, and refresh your browser, maybe your BK wallet has not sync, Your BK wallet will re-sync per 30 minute, try to refresh page
If bitcoin has arrive, next step you must tell your sponsor first, go to Downline tree tab and PM your sponsor with format:

Content: Free up to you
you must Upload your BK wallet screenshot for proof you have a Bitcoin in BK Wallet, wait 1-3 hour your sponsor will placement you and will reply your message
=== WARNING === If you not be Placement with your sponsor, your account cannot use for Provide Help (PH) and you cannot active member and you not have TICKET access if you have trouble in Bitkingdom
After your account ready and has placement with your Sponsor, now you can do Provide Help (PH). PH in Bitkingdom use token depend your Bitcoin want to PH.

You must buy a Token first, go to TOKEN tab, and you can see and buy a token, choose (Pay from BK Wallet) or another wallet, if you choose another wallet you will get Wallet Address for pay token, and token will arrive shortly if your transaction has approve with admin. Fill the box, fill with Token Nominal you need, insert Authy token in your smartphone (6 digit) click buy, an your token will be available real time.
Recommended trick for buy token: If you wanna deposit 10 Btc you need 3 token, so i’m recommended you buy a double token nominal for future use for Get Help, because you need Token too if you wanna Get Help.
Example: you will PH 10 Btc, and will charge with 3 token, next month you will GH amount of 13 Btc, and will charge with 4 token too, so i recommend buy 7 token in first transaction, its depend on you. If you planned to buy token at the Get Help future, its no problem.


Go to Provide Help / PH tab, fill the coloum in PH tab, fill with bitcoin you have in BK wallet, example you have 1.5789 Bitcoin, you must fill PH with the same amount your Bitcoins in your BK Wallet (1.5789), after fill the box and then click Green Button +ADD PH, and you will be confirm

Done, Your PH is success, you can see the Que, Que is number for your bitcoin will auto transfer to Bitkingdom member, so don’t worry with Que, your profit has start at the time you add PH, check your dashboard, you can see the profit has increase, next step is waiting 30 days, you can work, sleep, play or other activity, profit will increase 1% a day, no stop, even your computer turn off, profit will increase all the time. After 30 day’s you can Get Help (GH) / Withdraw your Bitcoin Deposit and your profit too, how to for Get Help (GH) you can click here.
Bitkingdom use auto transfer and transparent program, you can see where your bitcoin transfer, all transfer recorded on Blockchain, you can see all the time, no need manual transfer, no need confirmation, no need accept transfer, everything is automatic and transparent by system, you can see where your bitcoin has transferred, your Bitcoin Deposit will Transferred to all Bitkingdom member, not transferred to one Admin.

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