Saturday, June 10, 2017

Slide The City

[The World Premier "Slide the City" is coming to Forest City and this time with SEA VIEW !!!!]
Only the adventurous water slide? of course not, we will disclose other games soon, so stay tuned! But before that, do you dare to take up the challenge?!
Purchase your ticket:
Or drop by Forest City Harbor Commercial Street for on-site ticket purchase. (limited to 3k pcs only!)
(Ps: to avoid the queue, I think it's best to purchase your ticket in advance)
Mark down on your calendar!
Date: 23 June - 23 July 2017
Time slots:
Monday - Thursday: 2.30PM - 7.30PM
Friday - Sunday: 10.30AM - 7.30PM 

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Forest Rock

輕甜沁夏! 甜美女孩首選粉嫩新歡
除了經典的黑白配,針對女款Stan Smith與Superstar Slip-on更多了粉嫩色系的選擇,Baby Blue和Sweet Pink,淡淡的輕甜色調為仲夏穿搭帶出沁涼感。材質上均搭配透氣的網布材質設計出網眼狀鞋面,Stan Smith經典的後跟標以皮革襯托,而Superstar Slip-on的三片葉LOGO鞋舌標和後跟環則運用柔軟的麂皮設計。

Authorised Vans sneakers Vans Dealer
Vans Peanuts now available at Forest City 
Vans Peanuts Collector Club Forest City 森林城市

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Paparich 金爸爸



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Thursday, June 8, 2017


Oxford Adjustable Bed II
 conscientiously made with multiple zones
 for sleeping partners who are of different habituate
 suit your personal requirements and preferences
Let's try at Getha Forest City 森林城市

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PLM Molti Shop

Cheap Monday jeans clearance 80% OFF Storewide now ! Lot's of range, design and colours ! For Mens and Ladies available..Price form RM72.00 !

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